About Us


JT4Christ started because of our passion for God and the need to share a message that really has a meaning and a purpose, the message of the gospel.  Our designs are based on the Bible truths, glorifying God and recognizing Him as the Author and Sustainer of all things. As our slogan says, we are convinced that the great commission starts with understanding and experiencing these truths before reaching others. Glory be to Him!


We want to say something and make a statement of faith, thus looking for a design that is always Bible sourced and inspired by the Truth.


Our purpose is to glorify God through design and take His message out. We desire to encourage Christians to share the Gospel with their close ones.


Our designs have a message with a meaning. Reflecting Bible truths, not compromising the message and interpretation.


We want to shake the world. We want to be the eyes that see the need, the hands that take action, reflecting the heart of our loving Father.